Happy New Year

I have been finding it hard to get myself back into writing.  I have come here so many times and just didn’t have the words.  I am fighting myself again worrying about what things are supposed to look like instead of what the purpose for this blog was all along.

I would start to write and get blocked thinking about what people might want to hear (my whole 2 followers…thank you!) instead of what I want to say.


Why do I make things so hard for myself?  I am truly my own worst enemy.

But the reality is I am not doing this to paint an unrealistic picture of a perfect woman with a perfect family that has everything all figured out.  Nor am I doing this to highlight the stresses of raising kids or home schooling or anything else.

I am doing this for me.  For my accountability.  Because it helps me.  Because it brings a sense of purpose to the chaos.  Because it keeps me in the present when I have such a tendency to fade into the past or get caught up in the prosperities of the future.

And maybe whomever reads this will like it, or maybe they won’t, but I will keep going to keep my sanity and remember in the process that if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it!

Happy New Year!!



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