Almost a month since my last entry…it appears as though I cannot be held accountable for my accountability!

Procrastination aside, I did realize something this morning that I thought noteworthy.

Children do not stop talking!

Of course, that was not my realization, but this morning after three hours of three kids talking non-stop and me going through the motions of nodding and saying random things to them like “that’s interesting”, “sounds like fun”, “maybe one day”, while at the same time trying to hold my own conversations with people and get other things done, I decided to stop what I was doing and actually pay attention for a while.

Turns out they are pretty entertaining.

And it occurred to me that maybe, if I took the time to listen to them ramble more often, and try see that world from their perspective, I might learn something about how to live in the moment and see things in a new way…my own little reminder about my intentions on this journey at my disposal 24/7 (because that is how often they are talking!).

We shall see…

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