Almost a month since my last entry…it appears as though I cannot be held accountable for my accountability!

Procrastination aside, I did realize something this morning that I thought noteworthy.

Children do not stop talking!

Of course, that was not my realization, but this morning after three hours of three kids talking non-stop and me going through the motions of nodding and saying random things to them like “that’s interesting”, “sounds like fun”, “maybe one day”, while at the same time trying to hold my own conversations with people and get other things done, I decided to stop what I was doing and actually pay attention for a while.

Turns out they are pretty entertaining.

And it occurred to me that maybe, if I took the time to listen to them ramble more often, and try see that world from their perspective, I might learn something about how to live in the moment and see things in a new way…my own little reminder about my intentions on this journey at my disposal 24/7 (because that is how often they are talking!).

We shall see…


It has been around two months since we have moved to the ranch and started homeschooling the kids and things have been…interesting.

The homeschooling program went on an extended hiatus over Christmas and it seems like we are only now getting back into the groove.  I am still struggling every day with what I have been told my entire life of how and what kids are supposed to learn at school, and what I truly and deeply believe to be the best way for them to learn.

 I think the hardest part about accepting my unschooling/homeschooling regime is that the majority of the world hasn’t and I can fully appreciate my kids growing up and feeling like I shorted them on a proper education the same way I feel a little cheated out of not being taught in an enriching environment that may have allowed me to really explore my talents instead of teaching me a bunch of crap I didn’t care about.

I am also feeling a little guilt because my Mom has been visiting for the past month so we have been spending most of our time at her house poaching her electricity and internet and the kids have been spending WAY more time on Netflix and youtube than I would like to admit (I may be overdoing it on Pinterest myself).

I have been finding solace in my books on tape and have been listening to The Four Agreements repeatedly for the last couple of weeks.  It is my reminder of why I am doing this and that it is not meant to be easy…something I have had a hard time remembering lately!!!