It has been my life for a while now, that I find myself sitting back and watching my life pass by.  Not watching in a sense of ‘taking it all in’, but more in an ‘I’ll get to it later’ or ‘I can’t wait until…’ sort of way.

For the majority of my adult life I have found it a difficult thing to commit myself to staying in one place and somehow managed  to not accomplish a whole lot in the process; and as such, I have been living the life of somewhat of a vagabond (despite having hitched myself to the wagon of another and having brought into this world three beautiful children).

But now I find myself in a new realm of desire.  One where what things look like are far less important than what they actually are and there is a longing in me to find my way to a place where I can put roots in the ground (both figuratively and literally) and perhaps in the process even leave a piece of this world a little better than it was before.

My purpose in this new and evolving life (and within these words and those yet to come) is to create a space that is open and honest and helps brings me to a place of simplicity and peace. It is a space for me to hold myself accountable for feeling gratitude for what is right in front of me and appreciating the amazing surroundings amongst me in this world.

This space is a channel for me to chronicle my journey to this place of solitude, sustainability and serenity and share it with whomever is willing to listen.

Best Regards